Terms and Conditions

  • The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid an advance payment (approx. 25%) of the rental price of the cottage holiday by the due date or has paid both the advance payment and the final payment in one go.

  • The balance of the rent will be paid approximately four (4) weeks before the start of the holiday.

  • If the booking is made later than five weeks before the start of the holiday, no prepayment will be charged.

  • We hope to receive written notice of the cancellation as soon as the impediment arises.

  • An advance payment (approx. 25%) is withheld for cancellation.

  • If canceled up to 14 days before date of arrival, the total price of the reservation will be charged. If the cancellation is due to sudden illness, etc. (medical certificate required), the rent will be refunded except for the advance payment.

  • If the cancellation occurs during your stay, the rent paid by the customer will not be refunded.

  • Holiday Farm Wanha Tylli has the right to cancel the booking in case of force majeure, in which case the customer will be refunded the rent in full.

  • The keys to the cottage will be handed over to the customer at the estimated time of arrival. The cottage is available for guests from the day of arrival at 4 pm to the day of departure at 12 noon. For weekend rentals, the cottage is available from Friday afternoon at 3 pm to Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. If agreed separately, later delivery time is also possible.

  • The rent includes the cottage with VAT and equipment (furniture, dishes, electricity, trees in the liter, rowing boat, mattresses, blankets and pillows). The rent does not include bed linen, towels and cleaning. If the cleaning has not been completed after the end of the booking, we will charge 70 - 150 € depending on the accommodation. The cottage has clear instructions on the necessary cleaning measures.

  • The boat's motor is rented separately, please ask for more information when booking.
  • The cottage must not be used by sleepover more than the stated maximum number of beds. When booking, the number of people must be stated, for groups of more than 20 people we charge an additional fee: 20-40 people, 60 € and 40-60 people, 120 €.

  • The use of a tent or caravan on the resort site without the permission of Wanha Tylli is prohibited.

  • The customer is obliged to compensate for the damage caused to the holiday destination or its furniture.

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The property is available for the customer

  • for weekly bookings on the day of arrival at 16.00 until the day of departure at 12.00.
  • Piilopaikka on the day of arrival at 14.00 - until the day of departure at 12.00.

The property is available for weekend bookings

  • Friday from 16:00 to Sunday evening at 17:00.
  • The weekend booking for the Piilopaikka is Friday 16:00 - Sunday 17:00.

The rent of the property includes free use of the property (incl. indoor sauna, furniture, utensils, cooking utensils, as well as energy for heating, light and cooking). Bed linen and towels are available for an extra charge.

  • The cleaning of the property during and at the end of the stay is taken care of by the customer.
  • If the cleaning has not been carried out or is incomplete and we have to take care of it before the next customer arrives, Holiday Farm Wanha Tylli has the right to charge a cleaning fee of at least € 70-150.
  • The customer can order cleaning for the property (Piilopaikka 70 €, Wanha Tylli 150 €) when booking the accommodation.
  • We require the property to be as it was when you arrived: furniture and appliances intact, secretions, etc. removed and rubbish taken to the place assigned for them. Dishes washed, food cabinets and refrigerators emptied. Instructions for cleaning can be found in the properties.

  • Take carpets out and beat the carpets.

  • Vacuum and wipe floors with a damp mop.

  • Remove any stains.

  • Put the furniture back to its place.

  • Sheets, towels and pefflets are collected in one pile in the washroom.

  • The beds are made as they were when you arrived.

  • The dishes are washed, dried and put in their places.

  • The sink, stove, oven, refrigerator and tables are emptied and cleaned.

  • The ashes are emptied from the fireplace, firewood is re-stocked from the wood storage.

  • The ashes are removed from the sauna, firewood is re-stocked and the benches and floors are washed.

  • The toilet seat and sink are washed, hand towels and toilet rug are taken to the washroom.

  • Rubbish bins are emptied at the designated waste point, washed and dried.

Enjoy your vacation to the end!

  • You can order and pay for the final cleaning in cash no later than the day before departure (Piilopaikka € 70, Wanha Tylli € 150).
  • However, remember that the property must be as it was. Garbage is taken out and secretions removed. Counters washed.

  • Pets are allowed. The pet fee is 10 € / pet. Kindly inform us the number of pets that are staying with you.
  • There is a water and a wood fee for using your own hot tub. Additional charge is 70 €.
  • Drying mushrooms, berries and fish indoors is forbidden!
  • The maximum number of people allowed to use the property is stated in the brochure, the number of beds, or what has been agreed upon when booking the property.

  • The use of a tent or motorhome on the resort site without the owner's permission is prohibited.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings.

  • Close the fireplace and stove damper when the charcoal has gone out.

  • When you leave, turn off the lights, close the doors and windows.

  • Angling with hook, line and indicator is allowed in the main stream of the Oulujoki river (not in the streams of power plants, approx. 150 m downstream of Montta),
  • For lure fishing, a state fisheries management fee (18-64 years old) must first be paid.
  • You can get a regional water fishing permit from Wanha Tylli for the duration of your stay free of charge.

  • During the stay, the customer is obliged to take care of any actions they think necessary in the yard area of the property. Sand is reserved in storage containers, if the sand runs out, the customer is obliged to inform the owner.
  • The customer is obliged to immediately notify Wanha Tylli of any accident. If the accident has not been reported immediately, Wanhan Tylli's liability for the incident will lapse.
  • If a customer under the influence of alcohol or another narcotic slips and / or injures him/herself, Wanha Tylli does not take any responsibility for what happened.

  • The customer is obliged to compensate the owner of the holiday property or its furniture directly for the damage caused to the holiday property.
  • Wanha Tylli shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer due to unforeseeable force majeure or a similar cause (eg natural phenomena, power outages, etc.) which was not caused by Wanha Tylli and the consequences of which could not reasonably have been prevented. Wanha Tylli is also not responsible for damage or consequences caused by normal natural phenomena.

  • All comments and complaints regarding the resort must be addressed directly to the owner as soon as the issue arises and at the time of booking.
  • The matter will be corrected as soon as possible. If the customer and Wanha Tylli do not reach an agreement, the customer may refer the matter to the Consumer Complaints Board.

  • The Contracting Parties shall attempt to settle disputes arising from this Agreement through mutual consultations. If no agreement is reached in the negotiations, disputes will be settled in the district court of the resort area. Finnish law applies to the agreement.
  • The terms are valid until further notice and Wanha Tylli reserves the right to make changes.

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