piilopaikka piha muhos

Rugged, Elegant, Piilopaikka.

sauna evenings

Are you looking for a quiet place to spend an evening in? Our answer is Piilopaikka Wilderness Hut. In Piilopaikka, you are welcome to spend nice evenings in the warming steam of the sauna and the atmosphere of the wooden fireplace. If the evening runs long, there is a sleeping space for four people inside Piilopaikka.


There is a large fireplace in the common area of Piilopaikka, where you can grill tasty snacks for the whole party. There is also a long log table on the premises which can easily be seated by a group of approx. 20 people.

"Good steams and nice wilderness atmosphere"
-Deer hunter Gatherings

Wood heated Sauna

Inside the cabin, you can find traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna which provides the best sauna experience there is, and it is free for our guests to use!

Lots of free parking space

The yard of Piilopaikka can comfortably accommodate five cars. Additionally, you can also park along the gravel road leading to the hut, so we can accommodate a bigger group with cars as well.

Celebrations, Get-togethers

The facilities of the hideaway are suitable for gatherings or small group parties. We have had hunting parties, sauna evenings, celebrations, and other nice events.

Close by but peaceful

Piilopaikka is located only 35 minutes away from the city of Oulu and 10 minutes away from Muhos municipality.

Equipment and Facilities

Piilopaikka is perfect for gatherings, small events and get-togethers for friends, co-workers, groups or parties. Piilopaikka is designed for groups up to 20 people, there are sleeping spaces for four inside the hut.
Pets are welcome to Piilopaikka Wilderness Hut.

A traditional wood-heated sauna and a modern bathroom are at your disposal.

There is a good amount of space for cars in the yard and the location is at the end of the road, surrounded by the forest.

a Beach and a boat
There is also a beach 100 meters away and a boat at your disposal.

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